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Goal: $1,500

Food Bank : Feeding Programme for Kampala Slums

How You Can Help: It costs 1 usd to provide a hot, nutritious meal for a vulnerable and undernourished child at our daily feeding project. Your support is vital in ensuring that children receive the help they need.

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Goal: $15,400

The Rise of a Tanzanian Upcoming Artist

We are thrilled to introduce Freemaster, an emerging talent from Tanzania with an unwavering passion for his craft. Freemaster envisions a future where his artistic endeavors not only resonate with local audiences but also reach global heights. To turn this dream into reality, we seek your support through this crowdfunding proposal. Freemaster is dedicated to refining his skills, producing quality content, and contributing to the vibrant cultural landscape of Tanzania.

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Goal: $10,000


Gather for Children Uganda is a Non-government organization founded by singer Iryn Namubiru, based in Mityana working on empowering and supporting women / care takers to educate and feed their children (who are mainly orphans, vulnerable, abandoned or young mothers ) through farming.

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Goal: $400

Supporting Orphaned and Vulnerable Children in Uganda

Together, let's ensure that every child in Uganda has the opportunity for a bright and secure future. Your contribution can make a significant impact on the lives of these children.

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Goal: $900

Ensuring Menstrual Hygiene for Every Girl

Adolescent girls in Uganda, particularly in rural areas, often miss out on school due to the stigma surrounding menstruation and economic constraints. Many resort to using makeshift materials like cut clothes or toilet paper, endangering their health. The prohibitive cost of sanitary pads, ranging from 2500shs to 9000shs, exacerbates the situation. This predicament puts them at risk of child marriage, early pregnancy, domestic violence, and pregnancy complications

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Goal: $50,000

Oriajin Hospital in Terego District Needs Help

Improved Healthcare Services: The acquisition of modern equipment will enable Oriajin Hospital to offer a wider range of diagnostic and treatment services, enhancing overall healthcare quality. Enhanced Infrastructure: Upgrading the hospital's infrastructure will create a more conducive environment for healing, ensuring the comfort and safety of patients and staff. Empowered Healthcare Professionals: Training programs and capacity building will empower healthcare professionals at Oriajin Hospital, enabling them to provide more comprehensive and effective care.